Short Track Skating

Short Track Skating is a form of ice speed skating. In competitions, a numer of scaters (4 to 8) skate simultaneously on a short indoor ince track (111 m). The sport originiated in speed skating events held with mass starts in North America. This evolved to competitions on small indoor tracks. The first international competitions were organised in the 1970's. Events are held over several distances, and in allround competitions, made up of four events. Short Track is governed by the International Skating Union, which was founed in 1892. For more info see Wikipedia.

Olympic Games:
M:500 m
M:1000 m
M:1500 m
M:5000 m Relay
W:500 m
W:1000 m
W:1500 m
W:3000 m Relay

World Championships: Men Women

European Championships: Men Women

Asian Games:


World Junior Championships: Men Women

Defunct Event: