Weightlifting was one of the sports at the anthic Olympics, so it's origins go way back. Modern weightlifting is a combination of (fast-) power and lots of training. The events consist of 2 lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk. The snatch is performed in a continous movement with the arms held straight, the clean & jerk involves two separate efforts: the weight is lifted to the shoulders, the jerk follows with the bar thrust into a position overhead, bringing the feet together completes the lift. There are three tries in each. The International Weightlifting Federation was founded in 1920. For more info see Wikipedia.

Olympic Games:
M:-56 kg
M:-62 kg
M:-69 kg
M:-77 kg
M:-85 kg
M:-94 kg
M:-105 kg
M:+105 kg
W:-48 kg
W:-53 kg
W:-58 kg
W:-63 kg
W:-69 kg
W:-75 kg
W:+75 kg
Defunct Events:
M:-52 kg
M:-54 kg
M:-59 kg
M:-60 kg
M:-64 kg
M:-67.5 kg
M:-70 kg
M:-75 kg
M:-76 kg
M:-82.5 kg
M:-83 kg
M:-90 kg
M:-91 kg
M:-99 kg
M:-100 kg
M:-108 kg
M:-110 kg
M:+82.5 kg
M:+90 kg
M:+108 kg
M:+110 kg
M:One Hand Lift
M:Two Hand Lift

World Championships:

European Championships:

Pan American Games:

Asian Games:

Commonwealth Games:

Defunct Events: