The first shooting sportsclub (Luzerner Schiessgilde) was founded in 1446, but the first contests in shooting were in Zürich in 1772. In that same city the International Shooting Sports Federation was founded in 1907 under the name Union International de Tir. The first World Championships had already taken place in 1897, and shooting is also part of the Olympics from the beginning in 1896. Disciplines in pistols, rifles and shotguns, and rules have variated thru time. For more info see Wikipedia.

Olympic Games:
M:50 m Pistol
M:25 m RFP
M:10 m Air Pistol
M:50 m Rifle 3 Positions
M:50 m Rifle Prone
M:10 m Air Rifle
M:Double Trap
W:25 m Pistol
W:10 m Air Pistol
W:50 m Rifle 3 Positions
W:10 m Air Rifle
Defunct Events:
M:50 m Pistol Team
M:25 m Army Pistol
M:30 m Army Pistol Team
M:50 m Army Pistol Team
M:30 m RFP
M:30 m RFP Team
M:50 yd RFP
M:50 yd RFP Team
M:Free Rifle
M:Free Rifle Prone
M:Free Rifle 3 Positions
M:Free Rifle Team
M:25 m SBR
M:50 m SBR
M:50 m SBR Team
M:50+100 yd SBR
M:50+100 yd SBR Team
M:Army Rifle
M:Army Rifle Prone
M:300 m Army Rifle Pr. Team
M:600 m Army Rifle Pr. Team
M:300+600 m Army R. P. Team
M:Army Rifle Standing
M:Army Rifle Standing Team
M:Army Rifle Kneeling
M:Army Rifle Free Position
M:Army Rifle 3 Positions
M:Army Rifle Team
M:10 m Running Target
M:50 m Running Target
M:Running Deer Single Shot
M:Running Deer S. S. Team
M:Running Deer Double Shot
M:Running Deer D. S. Team
M:Running Deer S./D. Shots
M:25 yd SBR Disapp. Target
M:25 yd SBR Moving Target
M:Trap Team
W:Double Trap
50 m Pistol
25 m RFP
50 m Rifle Prone
50 m Rifle 3 Positions
Free Rifle 3 Positions
50 m Running Target

World Championships:

European Championships:

Pan American Games:

Asian Games:

Commonwealth Games:

Defunct Events: