Judo has it's roots in the Japanese Martial Arts, especially in a series of Ju-Jitsu schools. In 1882 it was Dr. Jigoro Kano in Shitaya who combined different forms under the name 'Kodokan Judo'. There's a ranking system in Judo which states one's level. There are student grades (kyu) and master grades (dan). Next to a fully-featured martial art, judo has developed as a sport, even a well established Olympic sport. The focus in judo is on throwing techniqus, with groundwork also a major component. In sports striking techniques such as kicking and punching are forbidden. The International Judo Federation was founded in 1951. For more info see Wikipedia.

Olympic Games:
M:-60 kg
M:-66 kg
M:-73 kg
M:-81 kg
M:-90 kg
M:-100 kg
M:+100 kg
W:-48 kg
W:-52 kg
W:-57 kg
W:-63 kg
W:-70 kg
W:-78 kg
W:+78 kg
Defunct Events:
M:-63 kg
M:-65 kg
M:-68 kg
M:-70 kg
M:-71 kg
M:-78 kg
M:-80 kg
M:-86 kg
M:-93 kg
M:-95 kg
M:+80 kg
M:+93 kg
M:+95 kg
W:-56 kg
W:-61 kg
W:-66 kg
W:-72 kg
W:+72 kg

World Championships:

World Team Championships:

World Kata Championships:

European Championships:

European Team Championships:

European Kata Championships:

Pan American Games:

Asian Games:

All Africa Games:


Defunct Events: