Canoeing is the sport of paddling a canoe (canadian) or kayak. Also referred to as Sprint Canoeing or Flatwater Racing, this is the oldest discipline involving kayaks and canoes. Competitions go over distances of 200 to 1000 m. The International Canoe Federation was founded in 1924. In the 1980's a new discipline was added on flatwater courses: Marathon Canoeing, in which races are run over long distances varying from 10 to 42 km. For more info see Wikipedia.

Olympic Games:
M:200 m K1
M:200 m K2
M:200 m C1
M:1000 m K1
M:1000 m K2
M:1000 m K4
M:1000 m C1
M:1000 m C2
W:200 m K1
W:500 m K1
W:500 m K2
W:500 m K4
Defunct Events:
M:500 m K1
M:500 m K2
M:500 m C1
M:500 m C2
M:10000 m K1
M:10000 m K2
M:10000 m C1
M:10000 m C2
M:10000 m Folding K1
M:10000 m Folding K2
M:4 x 500 m K1 Relay

World Championships:

Marathon World Championships:

European Championships:

Marathon European Championships:

Pan American Games:

Asian Games:

Defunct Events: